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STABILIZATION | crisis intervention

This is about meeting her basic needs and helping her sort through her challenges. It's about removing barriers and revealing options. Whether its a crisis or pregnancy or a mama facing homelessness, we need to stabilize before we can do anything else.

HEALTH CARE | prenatal and mental health

This is about providing resources to ensure our families are not only healthy physically, but emotionally as well.

HOUSING | stable and sustainable homes

This is about providing a strong foundation for our mamas to build their lives on. A place for her to pause, get back on her feet, and to focus on advancement, rather than on mere survival. There is tremendous value in creating a sense of permanency and safety in her life. Not only for her, but for her little ones as well. It allows her to focus on what is important: health, education, and employment, all of which gives her the best chance at long term self-sufficiency.

CHILDCARE | a safe place for her littles

This is about believing in our mamas and the work they are doing at Tandem and beyond. But also realizing, that in order for her to work on herself, she needed a safe place for her little ones to be. Not only do we offer amazing opportunities for mamas to grow and learn, but we also provide that for her littles. The best part? It is absolutely free.

LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION | breaking dysfunctional cycles

This is about breaking dysfunctional cycles and mindsets in the areas of life skills and parenting. The goal is not only to develop engaged, responsible mothers, but also strong, capable women who understand their value and purpose.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING | gainful employment

This is so much more than a resume and a new suit, it’s about leveling the playing field by providing vocational training that leads to guaranteed employment. True independence  starts here.

mamas + littles

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