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The definition of Tandem is an arrangement in which two or more individuals are aligned and moving towards a common goal.


This name change allows us - in a single word – to capture the essence of WHO we are and WHAT we do.  We work in tandem with our mamas, with our donors, and with our community.


After all, our WHY is human connection.  We passionately believe in this idea that when you have a group of people in your corner, who are deeply invested in you, you can overcome any crisis that comes your way.  An unplanned pregnancy, poverty, homelessness, job loss, domestic violence, mental health concerns...


The truth is - we all face crisis at some point - it's inevitable.  We are there for those who face it alone. Our greatest desire is to walk in tandem with our mamas through whatever crisis they find themselves in because we believe so strongly in that truth. Much like a tandem sky dive, we are committed to the whole jump from exit, through free-fall, piloting the canopy, and finally…the safe landing.


We are all about the relationship.  We often remind ourselves that while we do our best, we cannot solve all of the world’s problems for our mamas.  But what we can do is love them and walk along side them in their journey so that even when the next step is really hard to take, they never have to take it alone.  Together, in tandem, we overcome the barriers together.


We are cultivating a community of hope in which those in crisis come out on the other side to all of the promise that Life still has to offer.  We combine practical help with deep authentic relationships and those two things woven together are a powerful force.


There is something sacred that happens in that moment when the barriers come down, and we are no longer clients or staff or donors…we are just a community of people, drawn to one another for the purpose of sharing our stories in an authentic, transparent way that heals the soul.  We call it life-on-life ministry.


It’s powerful.

It’s why we are different.

It’s why what we do, works.

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